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Jon Hilmar Karason



Experience the enchantment of East Iceland as you immerse yourself in captivating tales and melodies that uncover the hidden wonders usually unnoticed during your journeys. Delve into the unseen and unheard aspects of travel, and let the magic of this extraordinary region unfold before your eyes and ears.

Rannveig & Jon will take you on a journey throug time telling you stories and singing songs that will bring you to what Iceland is all about.  To the Heart of East Iceland

We have performed for thousands of happy travellers and we are looking forward meeting many more.

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The Singer


Rannveig Júlia is a singer and a teacher living in East-Iceland. She studied Complete Vocal Technique both here in Iceland and in Denmark. Rannveig has played the piano from a young age and she is a member of the indie-rock band Coney Island Babies. The band has released three albums.

The Guitarist

Jon Karason

Guitarist Jón Kárason is a performing artist, a pioneer in teaching music online in Iceland and he has students all over the world as well.Jon has hosted and produced TV shows, managed the oldest jazz festival in Iceland, done lectures and seminars in schools across Iceland.He has also played with many of Iceland's most accompiched musicians and released the album Ideas & Secrets with his band Senga's Choice.

Quote Cirecle 2

"Heart of East Iceland show made our trip!  This is what traveling is about."

— One happy guest